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The different forms of nomadic office in Luxembourg: Business Centre, coworking or telecentre

Renting a shared workspace in nomadic offices in Luxembourg Business Center, Call Centre or Coworking: which solution to choose? With the dematerialisation of the working life, a lot of people constantly aspire to choose to rent mobile offices such as business center, coworking or telecentre. Mobile offices, business center, coworking or telecentre: the new “in” forms of work. When new technologies and their use in professional life are flourishing, the mobile office are appealing and many new businesses, SME and independents choose sharing offices (often associated with sharing ideas and working relationship) because it is more flexible, economical and practical than fixed office. Indeed, there are a lot of benefits using mobile forms of work such as business center, coworking or telecentre. Young entrepreneurs who are creating their companies in Luxembourg can benefit from a working space at lower cost, fully equipped and can even manage their expenses in relation to this aspect. There are geographical and time saving advantages too. If you choose to rent an office close to your home, you will save time in transports. The business opportunities between coworkers also include a significant benefit for freelancers or independent for example. Business center, coworking or telecentre? The business center is a “turnkey” solution providing a fully equipped office, for a short or long term as needed. The business center allows companies to benefit from an immediate furnished workspace and therefore, avoids them to have installation costs which can slow the development of the company. The business center solution also enables customers to benefit from personalized services matching their needs. Moreover, for the professions where confidentiality is paramount, the business center offers rental of closed and private equipped offices as in a conventional workplace and sets. The coworking essentially evolves on the same way as the business center with the difference that the space is shared and builds a “community spirit”. The workspace is open and each office shares the equipment. The rest areas are also shared. It is the same for the meeting room. Coworking enables independent or co-entrepreneurs to work together and increase their professional network and to use their knowledge in the implementation of joint projects. To unite coworkers, many events are organized and coworkers are often invited in the workspace of communication events (conference, magazine dedicated to workspaces, article and report about coworkers, Colunching ...). The coworking is geared for small businesses, freelancers, starts-up or self-conscious people who want to work collaboratively and who want to form a real community. The telecentre has the same approach than the coworking and provides flexibility. You can manage your time and the workplace because it is open 24 / 24 and 7 /7 and can be rented for a day, an hour and even few minutes. Rates are also very attractive; the lowest is about 3 euros per hour. The telecentre is made for employees of big companies, government employees, SMEs or TPE wishing to have a workplace close to their home or their place of appointment. Are these solutions adapted to Luxembourg? Despite new trends and the many benefits of coworking and telecentre, a real office, for example, rented in a business center for a long time and which provides a private space with enough size, enters within the criteria of the Ministry of the economy - the Middle Classes Branch as part of a company plant in Luxembourg. According to Article 5 of the Law of 22 September 2011: "The company shall have a fixed business place in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg which results in the existence of appropriate hardware installation , adapted to the nature and dimension of continuing operations; the existence of an infrastructure with administrative facilities and technical equipment necessary for the performance of continuing operations; the actual and permanent management activities; regular attendance officer; and finally, the fact of keeping all documents relating to the activities, all records and documents relating to personnel management. " Under these conditions, solutions such as coworking or telecentre are inadequate.